Sashimi Fuzz


You asked for it, here it is. Fuzz is one of those effects where there are no boundaries, there are no rules, anything goes. So let’s throw a tube in there.

Sashimi Fuzz uses a 12AX7 running at high-voltage to blast through some germanium, resulting in killer fuzz tones. With the “Sag” control off and the gain control rolled back you can dial in some sweet, smooth drive tones, but with the gain cranked it will melt your face clean off. Sag controls on fuzz are nothing new, and are used to starve the device of voltage, resulting in “misbehaving” which can produce some aggressive, gritty fuzz. The Sag control on Sashimi is no different, it starves the second tube stage, which results in some more aggressive, borderline glitchy fuzz tones.

Sashimi takes any standard 9-12V power supply, any polarity, and will pull about 500mA during warmup and will settle down to around 250mA after warmup.

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