Sushi Box builds pedals in monthly batches. So every now and then, we open up a new month's worth of spots (somewhere around 20-40 slots usually). Once there are open slots, you're able to place an order for any non-archived pedal in the store to be built/sent to you! For a month's preorders, we try to ensure they are shipped by the 10th of the following month; so November 2021 slots would ship by December 10th, 2021. Usually they're done earlier, and very rarely does it go beyond that date. If it does, it's usually due to a manufacturing issue (from the circuit board vendor) where I have to reorder boards, but I will absolutely notify users and never hide what is happening to delay a shipment. When these slots open a newsletter will usually be sent out, so make sure to sign up either by creating an account or at the bottom of the site!bul
It's called a "trimmer" (or trimpot, or trimmer pot), but you can think of it as the "break my pedal" control. Turning it will break your pedal. But seriously, it controls voltage to the tube(s). I designed the circuit to support different tubes, so I needed a way to tweak the voltage when different tubes require different voltages. Before the pedal is shipped to you, it is set at a very specific value. If you really think you want to mess with this, please reach out to me via the Contact link above and I can give you more details.
The X series pedals became so popular, I decided to discontinue the submini tube pedals. The X series with 12AT7 tubes draw less power, are easier to self-replace, and overall have less problems (like becoming microphonic).
It's a bit impossible for me to keep every color in-stock myself, so I keep the most popular colors around. If you're looking for something different, the exact knobs I use are these: Anodized Aluminum Knob - "The Magpie" - 1/4" Smooth Shaft (12.5mm OD)
Here's a few different power supplies that people have been using without issue:
  • Cioks DC7 @ 9v setting
  • Strymon Zuma with Voodoo Lab PPAP current doubler cable
  • Truetone 1 Spot
No. All SushiBox pedals have internal voltage regulators, which means whatever voltage you send it (9-12v) it is always running at the same internal tube voltage of ~235v. If you're looking to change the breakup, you could look at replacing the tube itself. Stop by Talkbass or TheGearPage forums and ask away! Or you can also find me on Facebook