Echosaurus Valve



Like the original Echosaurus, Echosaurus Valve is a digital multi-tap delay based on the legendary Binson Echorec and powered by the now ubiquitous FV-1 effects processor. But unlike its smaller predecessor, the entire dry signal path of Echosaurus Valve is 100% tube.
The Echosaurus Valve has four toggle switches allowing you to choose how many “heads” are active. In addition to the standard Speed (delay), Swell (feedback) and Mix controls found on all delays, the Echosaurus also has an Age control, simulating the tone that would come from a newer tape (CCW) versus an older tape (CW). Unlike the original Echosaurus the Echosaurus Valve does not have an external Level control, but it does have an internal trimpot to adjust the output level of the pedal. I will set this at (or as close as possible to) unity gain, and you can adjust per your needs.


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Additional information


Age, Mix, Speed, Swell, Toggle – Heads 1/2/3/4

Footswitch Behavior





1x 12AU7 & 1x 12AT7


Center-negative, like most guitar pedals

Milliamp Draw

900mA @ 9vdc Warmup, 480mA @ 9vdc After Warmup