Smoke Signal Preamp


The Smoke Signal is my take on a legendary two-channel tube preamp. It features two footswitchable channels, Clean (blue) and Drive (red). Each channel has independent EQ, gain, and level controls for complete flexibility. Smoke Signal is also true bypass so you can run it like an overdrive in your chain.

The “Rec Out” is a separate output with a speaker emulator designed to run out to front-of-house or a recording  interface for easy amp-less setup. The Rec Out features a switchable filter to determine how much filtering you want on it, and the Level switch allows you to choose between instrument-level or line-level.

Smoke Signal takes any standard 9-12V power supply, any polarity, and will pull about 900mA during warmup and will settle down to around 480mA after warmup. You can get by with a supply around 600mA or so, just expect it to take an extra minute or so to warm up.

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