Handwired Lab Rat – silver/full color


I originally planned to put SMD Lab Rats in these enclosures, but I couldn’t get a version of the SMD layout working the way I wanted it to, so I built some handwired versions into the enclosures instead. This will be the last time I offer the Lab Rat in any form before it’s discontinued, so it’s been discounted above its regular new price.

Description from the website:

The Lab Rat is based on the original ProCo Rat, but the original JFET buffer has been replaced by a 12AX7 tube stage. It uses a typical LM308 opamp, and has a three-way clipping diode selection switch, which allows you to go between silicon diodes (standard Rat circuit), LEDs (Turbo Rat circuit), or no clipping diodes for a raw clipped op-amp sound.

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