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Sushi Box FX is thrilled to release the “With Bass In Mind” special edition Finally v2 in cooperation with award-winning music educator, journalist, author and session musician Philip Mann. Described as “one of my top five instructors on the planet” by Jeff Berlin, Philip’s performance credits include Grammy Award winners, Grammy nominees, and Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Inductees, as well as a formidable list of other award-winning and notable artists. Philip is a seasoned columnist for Bass Player Magazine with over one-hundred publications, contributor to and recognized scholar of The Players School of Music.

You can check out more about Philip as well as his books and bass lessons on his website With Bass In Mind.


Finally v2 is the evolution of the original Finally tube D.I. It takes your unbalanced guitar input and feeds it through a high-voltage tube preamp then out through a high-end DI transformer and out into a balanced XLR output. It has independent Gain and Level controls, so you can perfectly dial in the right amount of saturation of volume. Finally v2 also adds a fixed-frequency switchable high-pass-filter, which rolls off -6dB per octave starting at 90Hz. You also have a 1/4″ output up top, and you can switch between dry passthrough from the input or affected output from the preamp for the 1/4″ output.

The XLR output has an independent level control on the side of the pedal, so the 1/4″ and XLR outputs can be dialed in separately to suit your needs. Because the Finally v2 is capable of very high output levels, each output also has an internal “attenuation” trimpot to tame the level down to where you need it to be. Need to drive a power amp from your 1/4″ output? Crank the 1/4″ ATTEN trimpot clockwise and you’ll have all the level you need. Running through a sensitive console while going direct? Turn your XLR ATTEN counter-clockwise to dial it back so the external level control is more sensitive.

Finally v2 is equipped with an Unagi Magnetics E4305 D.I. transformer, which was custom-made to Sushi Box’s spec and has an extremely wide frequency response and excellent sensitivity to playing. It was designed specifically for use with tube preamps and was designed with bass in mind, giving a full-range flat response down to 10Hz.

This With Bass In Mind edition comes stock with a 12AU7 tube. You can view the user manual here.

These pedals are being built to order and expected lead time is 1-2 weeks.

As a tube pedal, Finally v2 requires a high amount of current to operate correctly. I recommend a 9-12VDC power supply capable of delivering at least 400mA. Using less than this can damage the power supply and/or the pedal.

Enclosure size: 4.8 in x 2.64 in x 1.58 in (122 mm x 67 mm x 39.6 mm)

Product photography credit: Lore Sabau Photo

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