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June Ordering and More Changes

So I’ll start with changes, since there aren’t a lot but I want to mention them before I forget.


Ever since I started doing 40 builds per month I started running into issues with suppliers for components and parts, being able to get enough of what I need when I need it. I’ve been able to deal with this on a lot of issues by going straight to the manufacturer and making bulk orders to bypass distributors. I’ve decided I need to do that now for knobs. It has been a constant struggle getting enough of the colors of knobs I need, and this month I may even have to reach out to people and ask them to either change knob colors or wait an extra week or so until I can get the color they ordered. So to prevent this from happening in the future I’ve contacted the knob manufacturer and I can get them direct if I buy in bulk, but I have to order a minimum quantity (500 knobs) of each color, so to make things less complicated starting in June I will only be carrying Silver and Black knobs. If you had your heart set on a different color you can find the U.S.-based supplier I went to in the FAQ section and order knobs yourself (if they are in stock).


I like being busy, and I’m very good at keeping myself busy, but sometimes I’m too good at keeping myself busy and wind up with a huge to-do list and I stop sleeping. In order to catch up on things and take a little break, I will only be doing 20 builds in June, and I will be taking July off completely and not doing any July builds. I plan to be back in August for the usual 40 builds.


On that note, June ordering is now open. I’ve added two new pedals to the lineup: JC Emerald X – Marshall JCM800 preamp; I made this once with 6N21B and it had some issues so I never really released it, but I came back to it with 12AX7 and it is excellent. Wrecking Ball X – Mesa Dual Rectifier Solo (red channel) preamp; this is a slightly different circuit than the previous 6N21B version of the Wrecking Ball. The 6N21B version was “based on” the Dual Rec preamp, while the 12AX7 version is a direct copy of the preamp from the amplifier.

That’s pretty much it for this month, I’m continuing work on Gondwana, that is still a ways out, and I’m still debugging SBVT, I’m hoping to have that in the next few days if I can actually set aside time dedicated to it.

Thanks, Nathan

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