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May Ordering Open, the End of 6N21B, and More!

Alright, first things first, if you haven’t already noticed ordering is now open for May build slots. It took me a but longer than usual to get it as I was making some big changes, most notably that effective May 2021 I am discontinuing the 6N21B mini-tube builds. Availability of tubes, serviceability for customers, and total power consumption were among the biggest reasons, not to mention speeding up my workflow by reducing the number of designs available. X Series builds have outsold mini tube builds every month since they were made available, and the margin was growing every month, so I decided this was finally the right time to make the change. I know one of the big draws to the mini tube builds was the lower price than X Series, so I am also dropping the price of X series pedals that were previously available as mini tube builds (Particle Accelerator, Slampegg Bee Pre, London Underground, Dr. Wattson, Sunnday Drive, Black Eye, and Lab Rat).

March is the first month Westinghouse Space Heater, and Sunnday Drive X have been available so I’m excited to get them out to their new owners.

In case you missed it on social media, Vampire Slayer (Effectrode Glass A buffer), Black Eye X (Soldano Supercharger GTO), and King Nothing (Kingsley Harlot) will be available for all new orders and for order changes starting with the April batch.

I’m still waiting on the last of my parts orders for the month, but when it arrives I will be able to put together my prototypes for SBVT (Ampeg SVT preamp), Ambassador (Matchless Chieftain preamp), JC Emerald (Marshall JCM800 preamp), and Gondwana Phase III (tube-driven IR loader). Stay tuned for more information on those!


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