Nobelium – Full Assembled Pedal (preorder)


Due to the number of messages I’ve had regarding this one, I’ve decided to do a limited run of Nobelium builds for those that aren’t inclined to build their own (or who just like limited edition things).

Nobelium is a low-noise, high-quality, studio-grade clean preamp and D.I. It has a nice wide frequency response to be perfect for bass or guitar, and includes a switchable HPF to cut down on unnecessary rumble. It uses a pair of 12AU7 tubes for a smooth, clean tone with no dirt, and the XLR output uses a Unagi D.I. transformer to get the full bandwidth of that delightful tone straight to the recording interface or front of house mixer.

These 25 pedals will be handwired, built one at a time by me, and will be serialized. The expected completion/shipping date is by mid March 2024.

Enclosure Dimensions: 5.72 in x 4.77 in x 1.55 in (145 mm x 121 mm x 39 mm)

Recommended power supply: 9-12VDC, 650mA minimum.

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