Venus X


Venus X is a uniquely flexible tube preamp developed with input from bass legend Tony Puleo. As a professional gigging player Tony never knows what tomorrow’s backline is going to look or sound like, so we worked together with Tony to design an all-in-one gigging solution so he can get his sound no matter where he’s playing, live or in the studio.

Venus is the first Sushi Box pedal to feature an active 4-band EQ, shared between a clean channel and a boost channel. The clean channel is exactly what you expect, clean, and the boost channel can get you over the top when you want more grind on your tone. Like the popular Finally D.I., Venus X has a D.I. output using a high-quality transformer from Lightning Boy Audio. Venus X is also the first Sushi Box pedal to feature a switchable cabinet simulator, so you can get the tone of a full rig even when you’re running ampless straight to the front of house console or a recording interface. Venus X also has a 1/4″ preamp output to run to a power amp or powered monitor, as well as a dry pass-through so you can also run out to a full amplifier.

For more details on the interface and controls of the pedal, check out the user’s manual here.

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Additional information


Bass, Treble, Boost Gain, Boost Level, Cab Sim (toggle), Clean Level, Hi-Mid, Lo-Mid

Enclosure Size

5.72 in x 4.77 in x 1.55 in (145 mm x 121 mm x 39 mm)

Footswitch Behavior

Boost, Bypass


2x 12AX7

Milliamp Draw

800mA @ 9VDC Warmup, 660mA After Warmup