JC Emerald


The JC Emerald is based on the preamp of the legendary Marshall JCM800. It has been modified to make it more suitable for pedal/preamp use while staying true to the original JCM800 design. This latest version includes some additional toggle switches to make the preamp design more flexible.

Brite switch on – stock JCM preamp

Both switches off – treble rolled-off

Deep switch on – low-end boost

The intention was to make the preamp more useful for bass, but it also makes it more flexible for guitarists that want the classic JCM gain structure but without the aggressive treble of the original circuit or that want more heft behind their tone. My preferred guitar tone (since I find stock JCM800 a tad bright) is to leave both switches off, and my preferred bass tone is to leave brite off and turn on the deep. If you’re looking for that Lemmy-esque bass tone, try turning both switches on for some extra low end but some nice sparkly grind up top.

As a tube pedal, JC Emerald requires a high amount of current to operate correctly. I recommend a 9-12VDC power supply capable of delivering at least 600mA. Using less than this can damage the power supply and/or the pedal.

Enclosure size: 4.7 in x 3.7 in x 1.34 in (119 mm x 94 mm x 34 mm)

Check out this review/demo from the guys at BASSED.

Available on backorder

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