Elementary is based on the early 70s Hiwatt Dr103. The design intent was to simplify the preamp and make it cleaner, more flexible, and more friendly for bass. As a result it is a compact one machine suitable for bass or guitar. It can run clean, or you can roll the gain up for a delicious tube overdrive. Elementary’s responsiveness has made it a popular option for gigging musicians looking for a way to ditch their amp and still get a killer tone while playing direct to front of house.

As a tube pedal, Elementary requires a high amount of current to operate correctly. I recommend a 9-12VDC power supply capable of delivering at least 400mA. Using less than this can damage the power supply and/or the pedal.

Enclosure size: 4.8 in x 2.64 in x 1.58 in (122 mm x 67 mm x 39.6 mm)

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