Black Eye II


Black Eye II is a redesign of the original Black Eye, which is a medium-high gain preamp/distortion based on the Soldano Supercharger GTO. A few changes have been made this time around, most notably that the single-knob tone control was swapped in favor of a Baxandall tonestack, and a Bass Boost switch was added. The bass boost isn’t a huge drastic change, but it opens up the low end frequency response to make the pedal more suitable for use on bass.

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Additional information


Bass, Bass Boost, Gain, Level, Treble

Enclosure Size

4.7 in x 3.7 in x 1.34 in (119 mm x 94 mm x 34 mm)

Footswitch Behavior





2x 12AX7


Center-negative, like most guitar pedals

Milliamp Draw

900mA @ 9vdc Warmup, 480mA @ 9vdc After Warmup