Deep Dish Compressor

The Deep Dish Compressor is inspired by the legendary Effectrode LA-1A Leveling Amplifier, but in a more pedalboard-friendly package. Combining the warmth of an all-tube signal path with a modern precision rectifier compression sidechain, Deep Dish can give you anything from light smoothing to aggressive squishing, all with the exceptional clarity and warmth. Additionally Deep Dish has a 10-segment LED bar as a gain reduction indicator, to let you know how much your signal is being compressed.

Deep Dish uses a 12AU7 and a 12AT7 and comes with JJ/Tesla tubes, or you can save a bit and opt for the no-tubes option and put whatever you want in there. I recommend sticking with 12AU7 and 12AT7, but I'm not the tube police, it's your pedal. Anything in the same 12A*7 family can be plugged in without damaging it, it may just not sound as good.

The Deep Dish Compressor takes a 12V input, and can accept center negative or center positive inputs. It uses an internal regulator to supply 200V to the plates, giving it the richness you expect from a full high-voltage preamp. It comes in a 1590BB enclosure.

Controls: Peak Reduction, Attack, Gain, Knee

Like all Sushi Box FX pedals the Deep Dish Compressor is true bypass, hand-wired, and built with pride in Chicagoland, U.S.A.

CURRENT DRAW NOTE: The Deep Dish Compressor uses vacuum tubes, which means it has current requirements higher than most pedals. During warm up it will try to pull around 900mA on a 12V input, and when it has finished warming up it will pull about 560mA on a 12V input. I recommend a 1000mA (or more) supply.

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