Q: A "Pedal Spot Reservation"? What's That?

A: Sushi Box builds pedals in monthly batches.  So every now and then, we open up a new month's worth of spots (somewhere around 20 spots usually).  When this happens, the Shop page will let you pick the available month, choose your options, and checkout to reserve your spot for that month!

Q: The store page only has a month called "No months with open spots! Mock build"

A: Don't worry! That just means we've sold out of all of the months we're currently taking reservations for.  Keep an eye out around Facebook, TalkBass, or TheGearPage, and I'll usually give a heads up when I'm close to opening new spots

Q: What if I want to change my order after I make my purchase?

A: We try to accommodate change requests, after all you are usually purchasing a spot months in advance.  Also, sometimes we release something really cool after you've already placed your order!

No worries, head to the Shop page and click the link for for an order change near the top right ('Need to change or buy an add-on for an existing order?') If one of the store options fits your need, great, just purchase that! Otherwise just order the free ($0.00) "Existing Order Change" item and send me a message with what you're looking for!

At some point though, we do have to actually start buying parts and building pedals, so don't delay once you make your mind up about a change. If we've already started on your order or ordered special parts, we may not be able to change your order at that point.

Q: What happen to the "top jacks" option?

A: It was so popular, top jacks is now the default option!  And since we were able to work with our supplier for a good bulk price, we don't have to charge for it anymore either.

Q: I opened up my pedal and see a thing that looks like it can be turned. What's that?

A: It's called a "trimmer" (or trimpot, or trimmer pot), but you can think of it as the "break my pedal" control. Turning it will break your pedal.

But seriously, it controls voltage to the tube(s).  I designed the circuit to support different tubes, so I needed a way to tweak the voltage when different tubes require different voltages. Before the pedal is shipped to you, it is set at a very specific value.  If you really think you want to mess with this, please reach out to me via the Contact link above and I can give you more details.

What happened to the submini tube pedals?

A: The X series pedals became so popular, I decided to discontinue the submini tube pedals.  The X series with 12AT7 tubes draw less power, are easier to self-replace, and overall have less problems (like becoming microphonic).

Q: Where can I get a different color of knob?

A: It's a bit impossible for me to keep every color in-stock myself, so I keep the most popular colors around.  If you're looking for something different, the exact knobs I use are these: Anodized Aluminum Knob - "The Magpie" - 1/4" Smooth Shaft (12.5mm OD)


Q: What power supplies do you recommend?

A: Here's a few different power supplies that people have been using without issue: