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August Ordering and More

August and More

August ordering is now open! This will be the last business-as-usual batch, starting in September I’m going to be limiting finishing options to keep things more uniform and easy to manufacture. Sushi Box has been having a bit of growing pains as I try to balance my time between building, developing, and customer support. I’m sure I will have more info on that in the future.

Speaking of more, there is a new pedal being offered in the August batch. More is a simple clean preamp, it’s essentially the same circuit as the now-discontinued Deep Dish compressor, but with the compression circuit removed. It’s an excellent option as an always-on tube tone sweetener. You can check out More here.

That’s it for now, as always feel free to reach out with any questions!

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Ordering and More

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Happy April 2

In case there was any doubt, the post yesterday was indeed an April Fool’s joke. The pedals  posted were real and the people that ordered them will receive them, but tubes are here to stay.


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Important Announcement

As a designer of electronics, I take my responsibility seriously to stay up-to-date with the latest technology that affects the way we make music. In my recent studies I came across a new device called the “transistor” that makes tubes completely obsolete. It solves every problem tubes have and is completely superior in every way. As such Sushi Box FX will no longer develop, build, or sell tube-based products and will devote all research and development efforts to exploring ways the transistor can be used.

I’ve been able to explore a couple applications of this new transistor technology in a handful of designs so far, and I have a couple of each available for sale, you can check them out here I’m looking forward to learning more about this exciting new technology and offering more transistor-based devices in the future.


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Welcome to the new website!