Sunnday Drive X

The Sunnday Drive is based on the preamp of the legendary Sunn Model T. Sunnday Drive X is unique as it is designed to be an "always-on" preamp, with the footswitch activating a tube boost to the front end for more gain. The boost can also be used independently of the preamp, as there is a toggle to bypass the preamp.

It comes in a 1590BB enclosure.

Controls: Gain, Volume, Boost, Bass, Mids, Treble, Bright (toggle), Bypass (toggle), Boost (footswitch)

Sunnday Drive X uses a pair of 12AX7 tubes, which can be swapped for anything in the 12A*7 family for a different sound. It comes in a Hammond 1590BB enclosure

CURRENT DRAW NOTE: Like many Sushi Box pedals, this one uses tubes, which means current draw is a bit higher than a standard pedal.  During warm up it will try to pull around 900mA on a 12V input, and when it has finished warming up it will pull about 560mA on a 12V input. I recommend a 1000mA (or more) supply.

Bass Demos

Guitar Demos