SBVT (Sushi Box Valve Technology) is my take on the Ampeg SVT preamp. It uses a pair of 12AX7 tubes to give everything from rich cleans to gritty distortion. The 8-way mids frequency selector switch adds extra flexibility, allowing the EQ to be tailored to exactly the tone you need.


The SBVT is a little on the bright side making it a great fit for guitar, and the ultra-lo switch warms the tone up beautifully, making it a perfect tone for bass. The ultra-hi switch also adds an extra option for when you need to cut through the mix a little better.

Controls: Gain, Master, Bass, MIds, Treble, Mid Hz Select, Ultra-High switch,Ultra-Low Switch

It takes a 9-12V input, and can accept center negative or center positive inputs. 

CURRENT DRAW NOTE: Like many Sushi Box pedals, this one uses a tube, which means current draw is a bit higher than a standard pedal.

9V: 800mA during warmup, 430mA during operation

12V: 800mA during warmup, 480mA during operation

Bass Demos

Guitar Demos