Lab Rat


The Lab Rat is based on the original ProCo Rat, but the original JFET buffer has been replaced by a 12AX7 tube stage. It uses a typical LM308 opamp, and has a three-way clipping diode selection switch, which allows you to go between silicon diodes (standard Rat circuit), LEDs (Turbo Rat circuit), or no clipping diodes for a raw clipped op-amp sound.

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Gain, Tone, Volume

Enclosure Size

4.7 in x 3.7 in x 1.34 in (119 mm x 94 mm x 34 mm)

Footswitch Behavior

Boost, Bypass


1x 12AX7

Milliamp Draw

500mA @ 9vdc Warmup, 250mA @ 9vdc After Warmup


Center-negative, like most guitar pedals

Guitar Demos

Bass Demos