Lab Rat – DIY PCB


This is a PCB set for building your own Lab Rat preamp/distortion. This is not a beginner project, so if you’ve never built a pedal before, then this isn’t for you.

I’ve tried to make this as affordable and as easy to assemble as possible, but this is a high-voltage circuit and requires special care in assembly, testing, and use. Sushi Box FX is not responsible for any damage or injury caused by improper handling, assembly, or use of this circuit.

The Lab Rat is inspired by the ProCo Rat, with the output buffer removed and replaced with a 12AX7 running at high-voltage. The result is the same inherent Rat tone we all know and love, but with a little extra tube warmth and saturation on it. The original “filter” tone control has also been scrapped in favor of a “James” bass/treble stack for more flexibility. Lab rat also has a nice wide frequency response, so you can easily dial in killer distorted tones on bass as well as guitar.

Each PCB also includes a “SUSHI SWITCH L” 3PDT footswitch PCB and “12AX7-EZ90” and “12AX7-EZ90R” PCBs for mounting the tube socket. A pre-drilled enclosure is available for an additional cost.

You can find the build document with the BOM, schematics, and enclosure drill guide here.

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