Furthermore (working title)

Coming Soon

I had been asked for a while to make a tube-based D.I., and when I finally released Finally the goal of the design was to be a simple, no-frills, great sounding D.I. Since the release of Finally, there has been interest in a higher-end D.I. with more features. I have a rough design of this one, but no prototype yet. Here’s what I’m planning for features:

  • Tube preamp with baxandall tonestack
  • Adjustable HPF
  • Adjustable LPF
  • Switchable cabsim
  • D.I. XLR out with Lightning Boy Audio transformer
  • Headphone amp

I don’t know how big it’s going to be, when it’s going to be ready, or what it’s going to cost, but it should be pretty neat.