Echosaurus (original)


Description from the archives:

The Echosaurus is a digital multi-tap delay based on the legendary Binson Echorec. At its heart is the powerful FV-1 digital effect processor, commonly found in big name and boutique digital effects alike.
The Echosaurus has four toggle switches allowing you to choose how many “heads” are active. In addition to the standard Speed (delay) and Swell (feedback) controls found on all delays, the Echosaurus also has an Age control, simulating the tone that would come from a newer tape (CCW) versus an older tape (CW).

These units were enclosures that were built a while ago and sat on the shelf waiting for circuit boards to be built up and put together, so there are mild surface scratches on the enclosures and are discounted accordingly. This will be the last batch of Echosaurus I make as the Echosaurus Valve is now available and I want to focus more on that.

Full color artwork over raw enclosure, red LED, silver knobs.

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