Black Eye Special Edition – holo white


Black Eye is my take on the fabulous Soldano Supercharger GTO tube distortion, and it is my favorite pedal in the world. So much so that I can’t stop making them. I personally own 12 of these. Please send help.

The special edition Black Eye takes the same great circuit and houses it into an enclosure typically used for a certain “transparent overdrive”. This one is powdercoated “prismatic cosmos”, which is a neat metallic holographic black, with white UV printed artwork.

Some info on the original Soldano circuit:

All tube-circuitry! This rugged pedal is built with the same exacting care and high quality as all Soldano amps. 2 – 12AX7 tubes operating at ‘real amp” plate voltages provide stable high gain and hot output levels that will make even the most mild-mannered amp scream. Use it as a line driver or an overdrive pedal. Gain, Tone, and Output controls let you run clean and hot (with the gain down and output up), allowing you to overdrive your amp’s own pre-amp. Or you can crank up the gain, back off the output, and send a shot of pure Soldano overdrive to your amp or mixing board.

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