This is a PREORDER for the limited edition run of handwired Underground Accelerators.

The Underground Accelerator is everything I like about the London Underground and the Particle Accelerator, all put together in one package. It keeps the gritty drive that you can get with London Underground, but with the thick low end delivered by the Particle Accelerator.


The limited edition units are all handwired on custom designed turret-board PCBs and use carbon composition resistors and film and silver mica capacitors for the signal path. The larger capacitors have a higher voltage rating, so unlike my typical preamps which run around 235V, these limited edition units run about 340V. So don't stick your fingers in there.


The pedals are finished with a "Snow Storm" white powdercoat with UV printing on the bottom plate and a laser-engraved wood veneer faceplate on top (note the color and grain pattern of the faceplate will vary between units) and silver knobs. Each unit is hand-made in West Dundee, Illinois, and has a serial number engraved into the faceplate.

Other things you may ask about: true bypass, 9-12VDC input (polarity doesn't matter; seriously, try it), probably somewhere around 350-400mA, recommend a supply with 500mA or more, TrueTone OneSpot is my go-to, there are a variety of Cioks units that also do very well.

Limit one per customer.

Limited Edition Underground Accelerator - Preorder