Please read THIS before ordering.


Purchase of this spot will guarantee that your pedal will be built and shipped by February 10, 2021. Please add the options for the pedal you would like to purchase, as well as color options.


Please note that since Sunnday Drive is two-channel it uses bi-color (red/blue) LEDs with blue for the main channel and red for boost, so regardless of what LED color you choose, that's what you will get.

If you are purchasing a Black Eye, Sunnday Drive, or Dr. Wattson, please be sure to also purchase the appropriate add-on for that package to cover the full price of the pedal. If you have chosen one of these pedals but do not pay for the add-on, I will reach out to you to correct it. If you don't correct it within 48 hours you will be refunded for your payment and lose your spot.


Also if you are purchasing a Robot Butterfly you will need to add the "Robot Butterfly Effect Selection" add-on to your order so I know how you want it programmed.

January 2021 Pedal Spot

Enclosure Color
LED Color
Knob Color
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