Black Mirror is a clone of the legendary EHX Deluxe Memory Man analog delay, but with some modern upgrades. It uses Xvive modern production MN3005 BBD chips, but if you happen to have some vintage MN3005 like the original Deluxe Memory Man they will work as a drop-in replacement (but may need re-biasing). Like the original, it feeds the chips with a -15V power supply, but Black Mirror does this voltage conversion internally, allowing it to run on a standard 9V input power supply like everything else on your board, no need to use a separate power supply just for one pedal.

Power supply aside the audio portion of the pedal is exactly the same as the original Deluxe Memory Man. It is (in my humble opinion) the perfect analog delay. Beautiful warmth, long delay times, modulation of repeats, and of course the option to drive it into chaotic self-oscillation. The Black Mirror is probably the most complicated but most rewarding pedal I have ever built.

Black Mirror


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