New March spots, Compressors, and More!

DEEP DISH IS HERE The Deep Dish Compressor, my take on the Effectrode LA-1A, is available for new orders and for upgrading orders in January or later. It starts at $270 for no tubes, and $300 for JJ/Tesla tubes installed. You can check out pictures and audio demos on the website here: BUILD VOLUME With the new CNC machine and new UV printer I have I'm finding that I can work a lot faster than I was before, so I'm increasing my monthly build volume from 20 to 40. WHAT THIS MEANS: If you already have a slot reserved for January or February, those will now be combined to January. If you have a slot reserved for March or April, those are now being moved to February. NEW ORDERING OPEN FOR MARCH Along those lines, since the previous 4 months have ben condensed to 2, the next build slots will be for March 2021, and they are open NOW: CHANGES TO COLORS One of the biggest things that has been slowing me down is the number of colors I'm offering, as I frequently have a dozen different colors to do each month. To streamline things a bit, starting in March every pedal will have a "standard" color assigned to it, and if you want a custom color choice there will be a $20 additional charge. I am also offering a "raw" finish option, which includes UV printing directly on the bare enclosure, then a clear gloss powdercoat to protect it. This is available for any build at no additional charge.

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Alright, so first things first I'm opening up April ordering. Things are going pretty well doing 40 builds a month so I'm going to stick with that for now. There are three new builds that were added t


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