March Order Delay

For those of you that have an order in the March batch you may be wondering why you haven't received a shipping notification yet (especially if you aren't on Talkbass). I spent two weeks in March working on finishing my basement so I can better organize my workshop space, which will be a huge benefit in the future, but as a result I fell a little behind on the March builds. I will still be able to finish before the April 10 date posted on the website without a problem, but I wanted to let everyone know the reason for taking more time than usual. Currently I have about 80% of the builds finished and after some final testing will start shipping out the ones that are ready to go tonight. The remaining 20% are either complicated builds (Sunnday Drive, Sunnday Drive X, and Deep Dish) or there was an issue during testing that needs to be fixed and retested, but either way my goal is still to finish everything tonight so I can get them all shipped out and start preparing for April builds, as I don't want April to fall behind as a result of March delays. Thank you all for your patience and ongoing support, and I look forward to getting some more tubes out there into the world soon. -Nathan

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