April Ordering and Color Enclosures

Alright, so first things first I'm opening up April ordering. Things are going pretty well doing 40 builds a month so I'm going to stick with that for now. There are three new builds that were added to the list starting in March orders, but they were never really introduced, so for your consideration: - Dr. Wattson X: yeah you probably know what this is. Dr. Wattson has continued to be popular (and is frankly my personal favorite preamp) so I decided to do an X Series version. It's the same circuit based on the HiWatt Dr103 preamp, but I'm using a pair of 12AX7. Because of the size of the tubes this will be in a Hammond 1590BB enclosure (same size as Deep Dish). - Westinghouse: my take on the Edison preamp, this is a simple EF86 preamp that works as a beautiful clean boost and adds some tube warmth and thickness to your sound. One feature I've added is a voltage control knob, so you can sweep between 30V and 180V to the tube, to fine-tune the exact sound you're looking for. - Space Heater: another simple preamp, this uses a single 12AX7 and can best be described as what you would get if Particle Accelerator and London Underground had a baby. It has a lot in common with both, but omits the tonestack for a no-frills Gain/Level setup to let you dial in some tube warmth, with a little dirt on tap if you want it. So the other big news relates to enclosure finishing options. Powdercoating has always been the most tedious and time-consuming part of building, mostly because I've offered so many finish options so you can customize your build. I've been hesitant to take that away because it's neat to have something unique, but I really want to spend less time each month just on enclosures, so here's what will be happening: - "Standard" finish option for every pedal will be a raw enclosure with full color UV print finished with a clear powdercoat.

- All pedals will have a free option to have a raw enclosure with simple artwork (the original artwork) finished with a clearcoat.

- I will continue to offer Matte Black, Violet Sparkle, Fractured Cherry, and Rainbow's End for an extra $20. Also in an effort to get rid of the powder I'm planning to stop carrying I will choose one more color each month that I will offer for an extra $10. Colored powdercoats will continue to get the regular simple artwork UV printed on them. That's it for now, thanks for your support, and I look forward to showing you more cool stuff! -Nathan

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