September 19, 2020

Boy, it has been a long time since I last posted on here. Well as mentioned on the home page, Sushi Box FX is now located in West Dundee, Illinois (about an hour from downtown Chicago). I'm really excited about this big change, I'm loving my new job, and I'm especially loving the extra space I have for my workshop. The CNC machine is running and has been churning out Particle Accelerator enclosures to start attacking the waitlist for those. I also have the powdercoating setup and laser ready to go as soon as I start contacting people and confirming colors for their builds.


My current plan of attack is to focus mainly on the waitlist, as a lot of people on there have been waiting for a couple months, and once I've got that brought down I will be focusing on taking orders and ordering parts for the new designs I've been teasing for a while now. My goal will be to keep wait times as short as possible, and once I've caught up to the waitlist I want to make things a standard one week wait if possible, so when you sign up for a pedal you know what to expect.


I have big plans for future growth that I'm not ready to reveal yet as I'm still hashing out details, so as always, stay tuned!


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