October 1, 2020

As I mentioned previously, all Sushi Box FX ordering for new builds will be handled through I will not be accepting orders via private message anymore. Also, I will be limiting myself to 20 builds a month for now. I will be accepting new orders starting at the first of each month and going through the 10th of the month or until the 20 slots have been filled. Every order will be completed and shipped by the 10th of the following month. For example if you order before October 10, your order will ship by November 10. Most of the time I expect to complete builds much faster, but this gives me time to plan everything and get parts ordered as necessary, and eliminates the need of a long waitlist as I don’t need to keep huge stocks of parts on hand.

This is how the ordering process will work:

Go to the Sushi Box FX website, and navigate to the Store. Right now it’s under the “More” tab, but I’m planning to get it out of there so it’s easier to see right away. Look for the month you want to order in. I plan to keep at least three months open at a time, so right now I have October, November, and December open with 20 slots each. Choose the “October 2020 Pedal Spot” (unless for whatever reason you feel like paying now and waiting) and choose your options from the drop down lists. You will choose what pedal you want, the color of the enclosure, LED, and knobs, then add it to your cart.

Several pedals (Particle Accelerator, London Underground, Slampegg Bee Pre, and Lab Rat) are priced at $125 so if you are buying one of those then you’re done here. If you’re buying a more expensive pedal (Black Eye, Wrecking Ball, Sunnday Drive, or Dr. Wattson) then you will need to go back to the store and purchase the “add-on” for the appropriate pedal to cover the rest of the price. Once you have everything in the cart you can proceed to check out via PayPal.

For now the only options I have on the website are the tube pedals I mentioned in my last post, but I am looking at adding some others in there like the Octopus, as I know a few people are still asking about that one.

I made a quick video walking through the process if you want to see it.

Also as I'm sure it will come up, I'm a terrible web designer and there are several places (like prices) where it's hard to read the text over the background. I am working on that and hopefully will have it fixed today.