King Nothing

King Nothing is based on the Kingsley Harlot, a tube overdrive with a JFET in the front end to push the tube into a juicier overdrive. The Mode switch allows you to switch between three gain settings from light crunch to full blown thick overdrive. The Lows switch also allows you to dial in exactly the amount of low end you need to fatten up your tone.

Controls: Volume, Tone, Gain, Mode (toggle), Lows (toggle)

It takes a 9-12V input, and can accept center negative or center positive inputs. It uses internal regulators to supply 200V to the plates, giving it the richness you expect from a full high-voltage preamp. It comes in a 125B Enclosure.

​CURRENT DRAW NOTE: Like many Sushi Box pedals, this one uses a tube, which means current draw is a bit higher than a standard pedal.  Warm up numbers have not been recorded, but after warm-up the preamp pulls 240mA from a 12V supply or 210mA from a 9V supply.


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