JC Emerald X

The JC Emerald X is based on the preamp of the legendary Marshall JCM800. It has been modified to make it more suitable for pedal/preamp use while staying true to the original JCM800 design. It was designed for guitar, but like many preamps (and like the original JCM800) also sounds excellent on bass.

Controls: Gain, Master, Bass, Mids, Treble

The X Series JC Emerald uses a pair of  12AX7,  keeping the killer tone you would expect from anything associated with Marshall. 

It takes a 9-12V input, and can accept center negative or center positive inputs. It uses internal regulators to supply 235V to the plates, giving it the richness you expect from a full high-voltage preamp. It comes in a Hammond 1590BB Enclosure.

​CURRENT DRAW NOTE: Like many Sushi Box pedals, this one uses a tube, which means current draw is a bit higher than a standard pedal.  During warm up it will try to pull around 900mA on a 12V input, and when it has finished warming up it will pull about 560mA on a 12V input. I recommend a 1000mA (or more) supply.